We integrally cover all project stages: from feasibility studies up to manufacturing. Correspondingly, it is also possible to start at different progress levels. We help you individually regardless of the starting point: we conduct feasibility studies for you, construct and simulate possible project solutions, consider different manufacturing alternatives, and produce prototypes or small scale series for you. In case you cannot find a product that meets your requirements in our standard portfolio we are going to develop a customised sollution for you and with you.

After initial contact we will consider potential important project parameters, distribute priorities, and define boundaries. Exemplified on a blower this could look as follows:

Fan Characteristics

  • volume flow
  • mass flow
  • diameter
  • length
  • total pressure difference
  • static pressure difference
  • definition of reference plane (for Δp)
  • medium (temperature, pressure, density)
  • power (initial power)
  • piper system existing?
  • Cordier diagramme
  • risk assessment
  • (...)



  • vibrations
  • safety class
  • abrasion
  • cold/warmth
  • loading duration
  • delta alpha
  • bearing choice
  • (...)


  • mechanical interfaces
  • electrical interfaces
  • crimping/soldering
  • (...)


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