Schübeler Technologies GmbH: Challenging Projects Propelled by Aerodynamics Expertise

In this increasingly competitive world, cutting-edge companies are those that take on one-off challenges, engaging their teams to provide innovative solutions through the creation of never-been-done-before products. This is particularly true when designing propulsion components for the UAV and professional motorsports sectors. These industries rely on products constructed with precision, efficiency and longevity in mind, systems that not only meet the customer’s unique application, but exceeds their speed-torque propulsion expectations as well.

Schübeler Technologies GmbH offers a full product lineup of robust turbo fans, jets, compressors, pumps, electric motors, carbon fiber and aluminum composites. These rugged components are designed to withstand extreme field use and demanding applications, providing thrust power and lightweight durability for high tech functionality.

Daniel Schübeler, CEO and Founder, explains, “The idea customer comes to us with a new and challenging project, something which not has been done before, and he asks for things which we can solve for him. It needs kind of a turbo machine propeller to move air, to maybe move water, and he has a demand for an efficient system—an efficient and lightweight system—that is what we do.”

Founded in 1997, Schübeler’s primary focus is on research and development, pioneering radical innovations that will shape the future of propulsion technology in more than just the drone, aviation and motorsports industries! To learn why craftsmanship, flexibility and the ability to develop new products on the fly are propelling Schübeler Technologies to new heights, watch this elevating video.

Fields of application: UAV, Agriculture, Laser Technology, Aerospace, Aquarium Technology, Wind tunnels

Functions: Cooling, air jet generation, generation of exhaust airflow, aerodynamic influence on flying objects, extracting gases and media

We, the Schübeler Technologies GmbH, are originated in high aeromodelling. Since our foundation in 1997 we have made it our key task to provide the market with simulation-based, professional ducted fan propulsion systems. For two decades we are now a successful manufacturer of electric ducted fans for passioned and sophisticated jet model pilots. This was also recognised in the industry.

Fields of application: Formula 1, LMP1, DTM, WEC, NASCAR

Functions: Cooling, aerodynamic optimisation, generation of exhaust flow for simulation

In motorsports tiniest nuances can be decisive for victory or defeat. That is exactly why precision, efficiency and reliability are of absolute priority. Our customised blowers and ventilators constitute approved race-winning technology. They convince due to their robustness at all operating conditions and their insensitivity to debris, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. Simulation and construction are based on long-standing experience in aerodynamics. Our products are handmade in our in-house manufacturing workshop according to your needs.

Fields of application: propulsion technology, structural and covering parts

Functions: propulsion, aerodynamic optimisation, light-weight design

As pioneer in drone movement and due to our roots in professional model flight sports we are well informed in the professional UAV area. In our in-house manufacturing workshop we build light-weight components especially based on carbon fibre and aluminium which finds perfect application opportunities in this field. In the course of this we are particularly focused on increasing flight time and payload while keeping highest reliability levels.

Fields of application: UAV propulsion, blowers, thruster, compressors, electric air propulsion

Functions: highly efficient electric propulsion, robust propulsion technology

Customised solutions require products whose components are perfectly matched. That is exactly why we decided to establish our own motor development so that we get into the position to produce high-tech motors which can also handle more extreme conditions. This refers to high-speed machines with up to 145.000U/min as well as high-pole motors with up to 12Nm of torque. Key target of the development was to reach maximum efficiency at lowest possible thermal loss while keeping reliability levels in demanding environments.

Fields of application: Motorsports, Aerospace, UAV

Functions: light-weight design, high-strength components, stiff light-weight structures

The light-weight material CFRP as well as the combination of Carbon and high-strength aluminium are our daily business. Therefore, we can draw on multiple manufacturing competences with such composites. This ranges from classic hand laminate to wet pressing up to vacuum infusion. Furthermore, we have know how regarding the corresponding joining technology which has grown for years. In order to exploit full potential of weight reduction we apply FEA analysis. Our internal toolmaking allows for additional flexibility.

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